Encino Cosmetic Dentist

Encino Cosmetic Dentist

Los Angeles cosmetic dentist Dr. Marilyn Calvo
Dr. Marilyn R. Calvo does more than just improve your smile… she improves your life. Among the hundreds of cosmetic dentists in the area, Dr. Calvo was selected as one of the top dentists in Los Angeles by Top Doc America. As you read through this website, you’ll discover why.

Around the world, Dr. Calvo is known by other dentists as a dentist who sits on the American Board of Cosmetic Dentistry, judging whether their work is good enough to earn them accreditation in cosmetic dentistry. But here in Encino her patients know her as a warm and caring family dentist. “It feels like family,” they’ll say, and they’ll give her a hug as they say goodbye.

Dr. Calvo’s credentials are impressive. There are around 300 accredited cosmetic dentists in the world, and they all have to get past the American Board of Cosmetic Dentistry where they are given written and oral examinations and their work is examined under 100x magnification. Dr. Calvo sits on that board that sets the accreditation standards and decides whether or not each candidate gets accredited. She is also a visiting faculty member at the Spear Dental Institute in Scottsdale, AZ, where dentists go for advanced training in restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

But she’s so unassuming, you wouldn’t know that when you meet her. Here in her office, Dr. Calvo is totally focused on making your dental experience comfortable. There’s hot coffee. There are cold drinks in the fridge. There are warm blankets and headsets for you during your appointment—all the comforts. Her staff will help you feel right at home. As she works on your teeth, she’ll take plenty of time with you, making sure all your questions are answered and you fully understand what she’s doing for you. If you need a little something extra to be comfortable, like nitrous oxide gas or sedative medication, she’ll make sure you have that.

Dr. Calvo’s cosmetic dentistry will make you smile

A healthier, more beautiful smile means a better self-image, more confidence in relationships and even improved career success. Don’t let a shy, self-conscious smile get in the way of your success and happiness. We can help you achieve the smile of your dreams.