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Beautiful Smile Guarantee

Dr. Calvo puts her artistry into every smile she creates. Her beautiful smile guarantee simply means this: if you don’t truly love your new smile, she will make whatever adjustments are necessary before it is permanently bonded – even if that means sending it back to the ceramist until it is perfect.

How Dr. Calvo’s Beautiful Smile Guarantee Works

During the smile design process you will have several opportunities to see what your new smile will look like. And unlike many things that happen in life, Dr. Calvo promises there will be no surprises!

First, you will meet with her for a consultation to determine what you want your new smile to say about you and your personality. You will discuss size, shape, shading, and color characteristics that will best complement your facial features. During this step, Dr. Calvo uses Smilography — a computer-generated digital simulation – so you can see exactly what you will look like with your new smile before starting any procedures, and she will then create a wax mock-up for you to approve.

Next,  a set of provisional veneers will be created for you to wear until your new set of veneers are ready. During this “test-drive” phase, you will be able to experience exactly how your new veneers will look and feel – and if there is anything that you don’t like at this point, Dr. Calvo can easily make adjustments.

During your last appointment, Dr. Calvo will will first try your new porcelain veneers on your teeth. She will carefully examine them and make sure they fit perfectly. Then she will let you get a good look at them before bonding them to your teeth. She wants to be certain you are completely satisfied and in love with the size and color, and if not, she will again make any adjustments, sending them back to the ceramist if necessary.

Dr. Calvo applies the principles of smile design to every patient. Read more about it on our smile design page.